At 11 pm on 4 August 1914, Great Britain entered into a state of war with Germany.  That summer Wisharts around the world had carried on their daily business as usual, with those already in the military about to go on their summer camps.  A small number were based in India, and would soon receive the call to return to Europe with the Indian Expeditionary Force.  Within days of war being declared, those Wisharts in the army reserve were mobilised for service and had made their way to their regimental depots, whilst others rushed to enlist in a state of patriotic fervour. Wisharts in the dominions watched with great interest and were themselves quickly caught up in one of the greatest upheavals of the 20th Century.

Over the next four years, the lives of almost every Wishart family around the world would be changed forever.  Commencing today we will be remembering those lives, whether they be the birth of a child, a wedding or an event directly pertaining to a Wishart serving his or her country in the war itself.

Scott Wishart, 4 August 2014