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United Kingdom

In Leith a 19-year-old from Tennant Street named William Wishart enlists in the Territorial Army and joins the 7th Battalion, Royal Scots. 2961 Pte. W Wishart serves with the battalion for a month before he is discharged from service having been discovered to be only 15. William is part of Wishart Tree 009.

At 5p.m. S/15836 Cpl. James Andrew Wishart and the 7th Battalion, Cameron Highlanders leave Folkestone on the SS Arundel for France. Also leaving for Boulogne during early evening from Folkestone is S/4836 Sgt. Peter Wishart and the 9th Battalion, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) who sail on the SS Invicta.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]