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United Kingdom

In Aldershot 61264 Dvr. Peter Wishart of the 90th Field Coy, Royal Engineers dies in hospital from Cerebro Spinal Fever (Meningitis.) Peter had enlisted during the previous February and was due to leave for overseas service in France with his unit at the time of his death. He is part of Wishart Tree 0083.

On the same day at 34 Chambers Street in Edinburgh, a 29-year-old coal miner named Robert Wishart marries Annie Mcleod, a linen factory worker from Dunfermline. Both bride and groom are residents of Dunfermline at the time of the marriage and living next door to each other at 221 and 219 Baldridgeburn respectively. Robert is the son of the late Alexander Wishart and his widow Ellen Addison.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]