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During the morning, on the outskirts of Givenchy, a building named ‘French Farm’ is bombed by minenwerfer (German short range mortars.) Part of a house and a trench are knocked in with the 1st Black Watch sustaining twelve casualties. Privates 2450 J Wishart and 7397 G Wishart are not among the wounded or killed.

The 9th Battalion, Highland Light Infantry (including 2413 Pte. Andrew Brock Wishart) relieve the Oxford Light Infantry in the centre section of the Brigades’s line. The trenches are found to be in a fair condition, however the communication trenches are full of water and mud. Five companies are placed in the firing line and support, and another three in advanced billets. The night is quiet.

All other Wisharts remain at their previously reported positions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]