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After yesterday’s action, men of the 1st Battalion, South Wales Borderers stand to in expectation of another attack. This does not materialise and the battalion (including 8394 Pte. John Waddie Wishart) spend the day in the quarry that was temporarily occupied the day before by the Germans. Orders are received that they are to be relieved by the 1st Guards Brigade and around 9 p.m. the Cameron Highlanders arrive to take over the line. John marches with his unit to Oeuilly where they billet with the Queen’s and the Brigade HQ. During the march the Borderers observe fighting on the right of the British position where the 18th French Corps are based. The battle continues into the night and the battalion fear they may be back in the fray very soon.

Gunners 56591 George Greig Wishart and 7322 Joseph Wishart remain at their previous positions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]