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United Kingdom

At Albyn Place in Kenmay, Aberdeenshire, John McPetrie Wishart – a merchant soldier serving with the 134th Battalion (48th Canadian Highlanders), and his wife Catherine McDougal McLeod become parents to twins named George and Agnes. The family form part of tree WIS0038.

France & Flanders

Dying in captivity at the Kriegs Laz Gef Lag POW camp in St. Clotilde from wounds received in battle on 28 April is 43760 L/Cpl. William Wishart of ‘B’ Coy, 16th Battalion Royal Scots. William was initially recorded as missing in action, however on a casualty list supplied by the Red Cross on 18 July, he was officially listed as having died on 2 May. It appears that William’s company, who had been cut off from the rest of the battalion, had been engaged in fierce hand-to-hand combat with the Germans in and around the village of Rouex when he was taken prisoner. He left behind a wife and two young sons, and is part of tree WIS0009.