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United Kingdom

In Lerwick, Shetland Islands a 32-year-old crofter (and Royal Artillery Reservist) named Peter Wishart marries a domestic servant named Joanne Anderson. Peter’s father was a deceased shepherd named James, and his mother, who is alive, was named Mary Fraser.


During the night privates 3/4067 Robert Wishart, 7397 George Wishart and 2338 Andrew Wishart of the 1st Black Watch relieve the 1st Coldstreams in the trenches at Rue-du-Bois. The weather has turned grey and the warm springlike conditions of the day before gone.

Privates 27972 George Rodger Wishart and 27414 James Wishart of the 15th Battalion, CEF engage in physical training and route marching at Rue du Quesne.  During the night snow begins to fall.

12056 L/Cpl Robert Alexander Wishart and men of the 1st Highland Light Infantry are relieved by the 1st Manchester Regiment and march for billets just west of Richebourg St. Vaast.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]