United Kingdom

Around 8:45 pm at 47 Factory Road, Pathhead, Robert Wishart, a forge labourer, and his wife, Isabella Watt Melville become parents to their sixth child – a daughter, and name her Isabella Watt Melville after her mother. The family are part of tree WIS0035.

Dying of acute pneumonia in the Perth War Hospital is 190111 Gnr. Alexander Shanks Wishart. He had joined the Royal Garrison Artillery and was assigned to No.3 Depot, which was engaged in coastal defences near Plymouth. Originally from Dalsay, Lanarkshire, he was the son of a coal miner and had seven siblings. Before the war, Alexander also worked in the mines and married Janet Cairns in 1905 with four children born of the marriage between 1906 and 1910. The family lived in Denbeath, Fife and are part of tree WIS0098.

France & Flanders

Killed in action whilst based in trenches along the Heninel-Wancourt sector is 200341 L/Cpl. Alexander Machray Wishart of the 4th Gordon Highlanders. At the time he was killed Alexander was attached to the 154th Trench Mortar Battery and his commandong officer wrote that:

….he was hard-working and exceptionally conscientious NCO, and was immensely liked.

Alexander was just twenty when he died and is buried at Wancourt Military Cemetery (Grave reference: I. C. 40.) He is part of tree WIS0038.