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12056 L/Cpl Robert Alexander Wishart probably spends the day improving the position held by the 1st Highland Light Infantry at Neuve Chapelle. There is less enemy shell fire than in previous days and very little rifle fire on either side. Four men are wounded during the day.

Privates 3/4067 Robert Wishart, 7397 George Wishart and 2338 Andrew Wishart remain in breastworks at Rue-du-Bois. Five men are wounded on what is described weatherise as being a very fine day.

During the day, whilst billeted in the reserve, a German shell lands in the room where officers of the 1st Scots Guards are having lunch, though incredibly only the Commanding Officer’s batman was killed, and nobody else touched. The Germans began shelling again with 8″ shells at 5:30pm with shells coming at 3 minute intervals and pitching in a field one-hundred yards at the back of headquarters. 9650 Pte. Alexander Wishart survives the day intact.

603 Bdr. Gilbert Wishart of the 1st North Midland Brigade, Royal Field Artillery march to the neighbourhood of La Becque where they are billeted in farms.

6391 Pte. John Wishart and the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) are employed during the afternoon in repairing the roads running through the billeting area at Vierhouck.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]