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500 Pte. Gordon Alexander Wishart and his cousin 501 Pte. Robert Watmaugh Wishart embark in Victoria Docks, Melbourne for Egypt, on board the HMAT Karroo. Both Wisharts are part of the 9th Light Horse Regiment.


In Toronto a medical practitioner named David Edmund Staunton Wishart enlists and joins the Canadian Army Medical Corps.


In Merville 6391 Pte. John Wishart and the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) receive a consignment of whale oil which they are instructed to liberally apply to their feet in an effort to avoid trench foot.

At Pont Fixe the Germans shell the brewery in which men of the 9th Highland Light Infantry are billeted. There are several casualties, however 2413 Pte. Andrew Brock Wishart is no among them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]