The Somme

1 July 1916

Based on surviving service records it seems likely that some, if not all of the following 79 Wisharts were involved in the Somme campaign, which ran from July until November 1916. In addition to these there are undoubtedly a large number of other men who fought in the battle, however in the absence of any documentation we cannot say for sure if they were or not. Today on the centenary of the start of the battle we remember ALL Wisharts who were in action during those terrifying 141 days. Those who lost their lives on the Somme are in bold.

1508 Pte. Albert Wishart, 1st/1st Northumbrian Field Ambulance, RAMC

2901 Cpl. Albert Wishart, 1st/7th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

1995 Pte. Albert Wishart, 9th Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

9650 L/Cpl. Alexander Wishart, 1st Bn Scots Guards

3139 Sgt. Alexander Wishart, 109 Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery

1466 Pte. Alexander Wishart, 27th (Service) Bn (4th Tyneside Irish) Northumberland Fusiliers

74241 Pte. Alexander Wishart, 28th (North West) Battalion, CEF

8/4057 Pte. Andrew Anderson Wishart, 1st Bn Otago Regiment, NZEF

6381 Bdr. Andrew Johnston Wishart, 256th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

12812 Pte. Andrew Wishart, 2nd Bn Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)

Captain Aylmer James Reidford Wishart, Royal Engineers (37th Division)

1956 L/Cpl. Charles Wishart, 4th Pioneer Bn, AIF

4438A Spr. Clarence Bede Wishart, 13th Field Company, Divisional Engineers AIF

8090 Pte. David Hay Wishart, 4th Regiment, South African Infantry (Scottish) SAOEF

6291 Dvr. David Wishart, 2nd Highland Brigade, RFA

18937 Pte. David Wishart, 42nd (Royal Highlanders) Bn, CEF

4335 Pte. David Wishart, 7th Bn AIF

3723 Pte, Donald Mackenzie Wishart, 1st/7th Bn, Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment)

8133 L/Cpl. Duncan Wishart, 1st Bn, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

Lieutenant Edward George Wishart, 1st/5th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

22737 Pte. Emmerson Wishart MM, 15th Bn, Durham Light Infantry

703611 Cpl. Francis Kenneth Wishart, 102nd Bn CEF

27972 Pte. George Rodger Wishart, 15th Bn (48th Highlanders) CEF

S/4865 Pte. George Wishart, 10th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

2244 Pte. George Wishart, 5th Battalion AIF

820048 Cpl. Gilbert Wishart, 46th Divisional Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery

1883 Pte. Henry Ernest Wishart, 16th Battalion AIF

3015 L/Cpl. Isaac Wishart, 1/4th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

1032 Pte. James Leslie Wishart, 17th Battalion AIF

22320 L/Cpl. James Palmer Wishart, 10th/11th Bn, Highland Light Infantry

3770 Pte. James Phillips Wishart, 17th Bn, Royal Scots

300236 Gnr. James Wallace Wishart, 7th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery CEF

S/6461 Sgt. James Wishart, 9th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

458148 A/CSM James Wishart MSM, 60th Battalion, CEF

613 Sgt. James Wishart MSM, Royal Garrison Artillery

2557 L/Sgt. James Wishart, 1/7th Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

14023 Pte. James Wishart, 10th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

15273 Pte. James Wishart, 2nd Otago Battalion NZEF

4625 Sgt. John Brown Wishart, 1/9th Bn, Highland Light Infantry

8781 Sgt. John Charles Wishart, 56th Battalion AIF

18734 Rfl. John Cuthbert Wishart, 3rd Battalion, NZ Rifle Brigade

1414 Dvr. John Edward Wishart, 282nd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

6/4980 Pte. John George Wishart, 1/6th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers

1004 Pte. John Hay Wishart, 30th Battalion AIF

26248 Pte. John James Wishard, 7th Bn, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Captain John Reidford Wishart, 86th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

S/3739 Pte. John Wishart, 9th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

S23020 A/Cpl. John Wishart, 7th Bn Cameron Highlanders

43786 Cpl. John Wishart, 33rd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

10689 Sgt. John Wishart, 1st Bn, Royal Scots

4385 Pte. John Wishart, 4th/5th Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

3011 Cpl. John Wishart, 32nd Battalion AIF

1056 Pte. Maguns Wishart, 8th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment

740 Cpl. Norman McLeod Wishart, 51st (West Australia) Battalion, AIF

2817 Cpl. Norman Robert Wishart, 8th Battalion AIF

S/4836 Sgt. Peter Wishart, 9th Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

2330 Pte. Peter Wishart, 1st/7th Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

98972 Gnr. Robert Wilson Wishart, 18th Divisional Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery

S/7501 Pte. Robert Wishart, 8th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

L/29879 Sgt. Robert Wishart, 150th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

3598 L/Cpl. Robert Wishart, 1st/10th (Scottish) Bn, The King’s Liverpool Regiment

6/1844 Cpl. Robert Wishart, 1st/6th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers

1274 Sgt. Robert Wishart, 1st/6th Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

24767 Pte. Robert Wishart, 6th/7th Bn, Royal Scots Fusilers

21011 Pte. Robert Wishart, 2nd Bn, Royal Scots

8/13890 Rfl. Robert Wishart, 8th Bn, (East Belfast), Royal Irish Rifles

10146 Pte. Ronald Henry Wishart, 2nd Australian Casualty Clearing Station, AMC AIF

18735 Rfl. Sydney Beamish Wishart, 1st Bn, 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade, NZEF

M2/150430 S/Sgt. Thomas Graham Wishart, 641 Motor Transport Company, Army Service Corps

3028 A/Cpl. Thomas Wishart, 1st/4th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

5/2559 Pte. Thomas Wishart, 1st/5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers

14752 Gdsm. William Duncan Wishart, 2nd Bn, Scots Guards

4732 Pte. William Frederick Wishart, 1st/4th Bn, Gordon Highlanders

494 Pte. William Smith Wishart, 9th Bn, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

1632 Pte. William Wishart, 9th Bn, Durham Light Infantry

2903 Pte. William Wishart, 1st/7th Battalion, Gordon Highlanders

43760 Pte. William Wishart, 16th Bn, Royal Scots

6405 Spr. William Alexander Wishart, 54th Field Coy, Royal Engineers

3/6364 Pte. William Wishart, 8th/10th Bn Gordon Highlanders