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In Toronto a smelter named George Wisheart visits the recruiting office and joins the Canadian Artillery. George, originally from Strabane, County Tyrone in Ireland, had previously served twelve years with the British Royal Garrison Artillery and at the time of enlisting was serving in the militia with the 33rd Canadian Field Artillery. After a medical examination he is considered fit for service and sent for training.


Three Wisharts arrived in France today. The first, 2450 Pte. John Wishart of the 1st Battalion, Royal Highlanders (Black Watch,) enlisted at the start of 1914 and has joined the Expeditionary Force despite being at least three years too young. Several months later his father will write to the war office to stop his son returning to France from a period spent back in the UK recovering from frostbite. John’s unit are billeted in Borre at the time of his arrival in France and he makes his way to join them with a draft of 149 other ranks.

In the south of France at Marseilles two unrelated Wisharts arrive on board the Sardinia, having sailed from Alexandria several days earlier. 10046 Pte. James Wishart and 12056 L/Cpl. Robert Alexander Wishart had left Bombay in India during late August and were posted to Egypt with the 1st Battalion, Highland Light Infantry to guard various positions in Egypt, including the Suez Canal.  On arrival in Marseille both Robert and James are rearmed and equipped with ‘European Clothing’.

Throughout December, Pte. Henry Gray Wishart of the 1st Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders continues to spend his time on rotation between the front line and billets in the Festubert Sector. The battalion are recorded on 1 January 1915 as having had a ‘trying’ time in the trenches between 16 and 23 December.

3503 Pte. William Andrew Wishart of the 10th (Scottish) Battalion, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) is sent to No.8 Field Ambulance suffering from rheumatic fever and frost bite. He is transferred to a hospital ship on the 3rd.


At 3 a.m. the Liverpool Scottish (including 3598 Pte. Robert Wishart) arrive in billets southwest of Ypres at Westoutre. They stay there until the 6th.

All other Wisharts remain at their previous positions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]