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This index of all Wisharts who served in uniform overseas or on the home front between 1914 and 1919 has been compiled from a number of different sources and is updated on a regular basis.  You can search for a particular name using the box on the right, or sort the data in ascending or descending order using the arrows to the right of the field title.  To view further details about each individual click the name to be taken through to their page. If a biography has been written about the person  it will be noted by a ‘Yes’ at the foot of the column.

Aitken Wishart1886161644SapperRoyal Engineers M.E.F.1953Details
Alan Mostyn Wishart18876536Private50th Bn A.I.F.1949Details
Albert Barr Wishart1872S11922PrivateVeterinary Section1964Details
Albert George Wishart1891242Driver3rd Field Coy, Division Engineers A.I.F.1928Details
Albert Wishart18982901, 290534Corporal1st/7th (Deeside Highland) Bn Gordon Highlanders1918Details
Albert Wishart18941508, 386125Private1st/1st Northumbrian Field Ambulance (RAMC)1979Details
Albert Wishart18981995, 5975, 267906Private1st/5th (Angus & Dundee), 4th/5th, 1st/6th (Perthshire), 9th (Service) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1917Details
Alexander Frederick Wishart18993645Rifleman3rd/12th Bn London Regiment1974 Details
Alexander Hood Wishart1877251356, 47403Private5th/6th Bn Royal Scots, 10th Bn King's Own Scottish Borderers1962Details
Alexander Joss Wishart18859577Private1st Bn East Lancashire Regiment1940Details
Alexander Machray Wishart18971972, 200341Lance Corporal1st/4th Bn Gordon Highlanders1917Details
Alexander McCallum Wishart19003394Private42nd Bn A.I.F.1953Details
Alexander McMillan Wishart188874241Private28th Bn C.E.F.1927Details
Alexander Pattison Wishart1896106267GunnerRoyal Field Artillery1968Details
Alexander Robertson Wishart1896Z/3519Able SeamanR.N.V.R. (Clyde)1965Details
Alexander Shanks Wishart1885190111GunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery, Army Service Corps1917Details
Alexander Stewart Wishart18882006256PrivateCanadian Engineers1962Details
Alexander William Wishart186535799, 25403Sergeant143 P. Co. Royal Defense Corps1944Details
Alexander Wishart1858N/KChief EngineerS.S. Taplow (London) Royal Navy Transport1917Details
Alexander Wishart1873309379ClerkRoyal Air Force1959Details
Alexander Wishart188038336Private10th/11th Bn Highland Light Infantry1952Details
Alexander Wishart18819650Lance Corporal1st Bn Scots Guards1952Details
Alexander Wishart188235480PrivateHeavy Transport, Army Service Corps, 403rd Agricultural Coy1968Details
Alexander Wishart18861466, 364543Private27th (Service) Bn (4th Tyneside Irish) Northumberland Fusiliers, Royal Engineers1957Details
Alexander Wishart18871299Private1st/7th Bn Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)1915Details
Alexander Wishart18885935, 34461, 41662Private2nd/4th Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, 4th Bn Bedfordshire Regiment, 7th Bn Norfolk Regiment, 18th Bn Essex Regiment1942Details
Alexander Wishart18883139, 230166, 365963, 1417660Sergeant109 Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery1968Details
Alexander Wishart1895602798Private34th Bn C.E.F.1969Details
Alexander WishartN/K291625, 235499A/Corporal1st/7th (Fife) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 2nd Bn Gordon HighlandersN/KDetails
Alexander WishartN/K344090GunnerForth, Royal Garrison ArtilleryN/KDetails
Alexander WishartN/KS/15795, 12765Private1st (Garrison) Bn Seaforth Highlanders, Gordon HighlandersN/KDetails
Alexander WishartN/K30960PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsN/KDetails
Alfred John Wishart1889187194Lance Corporal90th Bn C.E.F.1966Details
Alfred Joseph Wishart1891363, 120PrivateNo. 2 Bethel Commando1970Details
Alfred Wishart188915467, 38128, 5834CQMS17th, 19th Bn Highland Light Infantry, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Labour Corps1963Details
Alicia Gordon Wishart1870N/AStaff NurseTerritorial Force Nursing Service1962Details
Alister McNab Wishart1887406284, (T)702SapperRoyal Engineers1943Details
Allan William Wishart18892/625Farrier SergeantNew Zealand Field Artillery, N.Z.E.F.1956Details
Allan Wishart1899N/KN/KMerchant Navy1930Details
Andrew Anderson Wishart18958/4057Private1st Bn Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F.1917Details
Andrew Brock Wishart18932413Captain1st/9th (Glashow Highland), 3rd/9th Bn Highland Light Infantry, 3rd/6th, 1st/6th Bn Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders), 1st/14th (County of London) Bn (London Scottish), 10th Bn Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)1955Details
Andrew Edward Wishart1892N/ACaptain9th Bn Durham Light Infantry, Yorkshire Regiment1943Details
Andrew Grant Wishart18971220133PrivateBattery 'C', 106th Field Artillery, A.E.F.1946Details
Andrew Galloway Wishart1876500269Private1955Details
Andrew Johnston Wishart18926381, 635728Bombardier2nd Highland Brigade, 256th Brigade Royal Field Artillery1980Details
Andrew Malcolm Brown Wishart1896368178GunnerOrkney Royal Garrison Artillery (Territorial Force)1983Details
Andrew Murray Wishart1880718672PrivateN/K1972Details
Andrew Wishart189545398Gunner120th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery1973Details
Andrew Wishart18962338Piper2nd, 1st Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)1979Details
Andrew Wishart189034420Private1st Bn Border Regiment1969Details
Andrew Wishart1890S/17572Private1st/4th, 1st/6th (Banff and Donside), 6th/7th Bn Gordon Highlanders1975Details
Andrew WishartN/K12812Private2nd Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)N/KDetails
Andrew WishartN/KM/274491PrivateArmy Service CorpsN/KDetails
Andrew Wishart1859N/KN/KMerchant Navy1948Details
Angus John Mouat Wishart1894S/17704Private8th (Service) Bn Seaforth Highlanders1917Details
Ann Mitchell Wishart1876N/ANursing SisterTerritorial Force Nursing Service1959Details
Annie Mary Darling Wishart1872N/ASister MatronBritish Committee, French Red Cross1953Details
Archibald Robert Wishart1897L/25071Acting SergeantRoyal Field Artillery1941Details
Archibald Wishart188919726Gunner3rd Divisional Ammunition Column A.I.F.1934Details
Arthur Frederick Wishart188810783Sergeant22 Coy, Army Service Corps, HQ Coy, 3rd Divisional Train A.I.F.1952Details
Arthur John Wishart1877Ch. 8439SergeantRoyal Marine Light Infantry1965Details
Arthur Thomas Wishart189168605Bombardier62nd Battery, Royal Field Artillery1973Details
Aylmer James Reidford Wishart MC1895N/ACaptainRoyal Engineers (37th Division)1935Details
Bert William Wishart18941213659PrivateMachine Gun Company, 107th Infantry, Company C 54 Pioneer Infantry, A.E.F.1936Details
Bertie Wishart188713/2264TrooperAuckland Mounted Rifles, 15th Coy, Imperial Camel Corps N.Z.E.F.1968Details
Charles Daniel Wishart18915781Private60th Australian Infantry Bn A.I.F.1916Details
Charles Dorward Wishart1887223637Able SeamanRoyal Navy, Merchant Navy1959Details
Charles Howarth Wiseheart18959417Gunner5th Field Artillery Brigade A.I.F.1983Details
Charles James Scott Wishart1881335494, 515137Private2nd/7th Bn Royal Scots, Labour Corps1940Details
Charles McNicol Wishart1900271369PrivateRoyal Air Force1969Details
Charles Wilkie Wishart1891384862Able SeamanRoyal Naval Reserve, Merchant Navy1940Details
Charles William Wishart18974023, 33749Private20th Bn The London Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1st/22nd Bn The London Regiment1922Details
Charles Wishart18861956Lance Corporal35th, 36th Bn 2nd/4th Pioneer Bn A.I.F.1917Details
Charles Wishart18953097, 2097, 320253Private1st/3rd Lowland Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps1970Details
Charles Wishart1899104905Private3rd,12th Bn Durham Light Infantry1981Details
Christopher William Edward Wishart1889N/ALieutenant10th, 9th Bn East Surrey Regiment1954Details
Christopher WishartN/K39228, 45516Private2nd Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 12th (Service) Bn Highland Light InfantryN/KDetails
Christopher Wishart1890129654Private41st Bn Machine Gun Corps1943Details
Clare Edward Wishart18923722525Private 1st Class152 Depot Brigade, US Army1966Details
Clarence Bede Wishart18934438ASapper13th Field Company Engineers A.I.F.1957Details
Clement Wishart188990309Gunner1a Reserve Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1934Details
David Blaine Wishart1895N/KN/KUSA1983Details
David Blyth Wishart188765139Rifleman2nd Bn 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade, N.Z.E.F.1975Details
David Edmund Staunton Wishart1888N/ACaptainNo.2 Casualty Clearing Station, Canadian Army Medical Corps C.E.F. No.4 Canadian General Hospital, Basingstoke, 31st Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps1958Details
David Garrick Wishart1884N/ALieutenant (A/Major)21st CCS Royal Army Medical Corps1965Details
David George Wishart1893N/ACaptainRoyal Army Veterinary Corps1992Details
David Gibson Wishart188659012Staff SergeantRoyal Army Medical Corps1973Details
David Hanson Wishart1889N/KChauffeurScottish Unit Rouen1941Details
David Hay Wishart18888090Private4th Regiment, South African Infantry S.A.O.E.F.1917Details
David James Gibb Wishart1859N/ALieutenant ColonelR.C.M.C. (Consultant)1934Details
David John Smith Wishart1900118458Air MechanicRoyal Air Force1977Details
David Leslie Wishart18921346355Machinist's Mate (2nd Class)United States Naval Reserve Force1975Details
David Reid Wishart189635778Trooper22nd New Zealand (Canterbury) Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F.1974Details
David Smith Wishart1894SS4065Able SeamanRoyal Navy1962Details
David Smith Wishart186710496, 47766GunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery1926Details
David Thomas Henry Wishart18846110Private38th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1961Details
David William Wishart1885306294Stoker Petty OfficerRoyal Navy1958Details
David Wiseheart1893N/KN/KUSA1980Details
David Wishart1892193524Air MechanicRoyal Air Force1962Details
David Wishart188779, 296334Corporal1st/1st Lowland Field Ambulance, RAMC, 1st/1st Ayrshire Yeomanry, 12th Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers E.E.F.1965Details
David Wishart189380837DriverRoyal Field Artillery1977Details
David Wishart1881L/6808Driver159th Brigade, Royal Field ArtilleryN/KDetails
David Wishart18976291, 635660Driver2nd Highland Brigade (Fife Battery), Royal Field ArtilleryN/KDetails
David Wishart188591503Gunner128th Anti Aircraft Section, Royal Garrison Artillery1954Details
David Wishart18924335Private13th Reinforcements, 7th Bn A.I.F.1916Details
David Wishart189218937Private42nd Bn Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) C.E.F.1918Details
David Wishart18716134, S/28786Private10th (Service) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 1st Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders1940Details
David Wishart18882141011Private2nd Bn Canadian Infantry (BC Regt) C.E.F.1980Details
David Wishart18873025Private57th Bn A.I.F.N/KDetails
David WishartN/K63768PrivateMachine Gun CorpsN/KDetails
David WishartN/K123449PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsN/KDetails
David WishartN/KM2 105146PrivateRoyal Army Service CorpsN/KDetails
David WishartN/KSS/12288, D/8871/SPrivateRoyal Army Service Corps, Royal Marine Labour CorpsN/KDetails
David Wishart1891505654SapperCanada1949Details
David WishartN/K44848SapperRoyal EngineersN/KDetails
David WishartN/K42221SapperRoyal EngineersN/KDetails
David WishartN/KWR/319294, 21764, 318907SapperTraining Reserve Bn Royal EngineersN/KDetails
David Wishart1888220393Sergeant3rd/2nd Lovat Scouts, 1st Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 1918Details
David WishartN/K266, 307045Sergeant2nd/1st Lowland Bty, Royal Garrison ArtilleryN/KDetails
Dewey Grant Wishard1898N/KSeaman (1st Class)U.S. Navy1971Details
Donald McKenzie Wishart18913723Private1st/7th Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)1916Details
Donald Wishart1884N/ALieutenant4ty Bn 7th Bn 6th Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders1922Details
Donald Wishart1895841556Sergeant148th Bn C.E.F.1967Details
Douglas Cameron Wishart188861362, 19024PrivateDurham Light Infantry, Labour Corps1930Details
Douglas Edward Wishart1895N/KN/KUSA1973Details
Duncan Wishart18948133Lance Corporal1st Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)1962Details
Edgar Franklin Wolsley Wishart18912379903Private1st Bn (Manitoba) Regiment C.E.F.1957Details
Edward George Wishart18973057, 4647Lieutenant2nd/4th Bn Gordon Highlanders, 3rd/14th London Regiment (London Scottish), 1st/5th (Buchan and Formartin) Bn Gordon Highlanders1918Details
Edward James Wishart1890220705Aircraftman238 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, Royal Air Force1969Details
Edward Robert Wishart18954061404Private1st Depot Bn New Brunswick Regiment1985Details
Edward Wishart188285472, 178775, T/419654Private29th L W B, Middlesex Regiment, 333rd Coy Labour Corps, Motor Transport Depot (Slough) ASC1938Details
Edward WishartN/K4228, 266633Private1st/6th (Perthshire), 4th/5th, 8th (Service) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)N/KDetails
Eldon Lawton Wishart1898N/KSeaman (1st Class)U.S. Navy1978Details
Eloisa Basulti Wishart1882N/ASisterQueen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing ServiceN/KDetails
Emmerson Wishart188722737, 406987Private15th Bn Durham Light Infantry, Labour Corps1963Details
Ernest Robert Wishart190054692, 347669N/K1st/8th Cyclist Bn Essex Regiment1980Details
Ernest WishartN/K26060, 12097Acting SergeantNorthumberland Fusiliers, Royal Army Medical CorpsN/KDetails
Francis Henry Wishart190062721Private2nd Bn Rifle Brigade1931Details
Francis Kenneth Wishart1857703611Corporal102nd Bn C.E.F.1942Details
Frank J Wisheart18981226334Private107th Infantry, A.E.F.N/KDetails
Frank Tatum Wishart1896N/KN/KUSA1980Details
Frank Wilson Wishart18821039455PrivateUSA1945Details
Frederick Bryan Wishard MD1894N/ASecond Lieutenant8th Regiment, Ohio National Guard, Company B, 136 Machine Gun Company, A.E.F.1948Details
Frederick Wishart18931192, 110514Air Mechanic1st/4th Bn Gordon Highlanders, Royal Air Force1948Details
Frederick WishartN/K34320Private1st Bn King's Own Scottish BorderersN/KDetails
G. W. WishartN/K49255, 47939Private7th Bedfordshire Regiment, Essex RegimentN/KDetails
George Alexander Wishart189791507PrivateGeneral Service Reinforcements, AIF1954Details
George Alexander Wishart188113849Second LieutenantAuckland Infantry Bn New Zealand Medical Corps, Canterbury Bn N.Z.E.F.1940Details
George Anderson Wishart1901RMA/16685PrivateRoyal Marine Artillery1985Details
George Baillie Wishart1846N/AMajor71st Recruiting Area, Hamilton1940Details
George Beattie White Wishart18807397Sergeant1st Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) B.E.F.1953Details
George Burt Wishart1895S/20072Private5th Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders1915Details
George Clarence Wishart18974061403PrivateDepot Bn New Brunswick Regiment, C.E.F.1983Details
George Croll Hardie Wishart18954464, 267034, 30745Private1st/6th Seaforth Highlanders, Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)1982Details
George Edmund Wishart188814173Lance Corporal10th (Service) Bn Hampshire Regiment1947Details
George Greig Wishart189256951Gunner56th Battery, 44th Brigade Royal Field Artillery BEF1914Details
George Knox Wishart1888N/KGreaserMerchant Navy1963Details
George M. WishartN/K39228, 41581Private1st Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 1st, 1st/4th Bn Royal Scots FusiliersN/KDetails
George Omond Wishart18903010030Private5th Royal Highlanders of Canada C.E.F.1976Details
George Rodger Wishart1899S/25548, 2745087Private1st/6th (Perthshire), 1st/7th (Fife), 1st Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1960Details
George Rodger Wishart189327972Private15th Bn (48th Highlanders) C.E.F.1970Details
George Ronald Sinclair Wishart18911195405Sergeant102nd Field Signal Bn A.E.F.1976Details
George Russell Wishart1899N/KN/KUS Army1985Details
George Stuart Wishart19001346359N/KFleet Supply Base, New York1982Details
George William Wishart18981001263PrivateN/KN/KDetails
George Wishart188312849Acting Corporal139th Army Troops Coy, Royal Engineers B.S.A.1946Details
George Wishart1898132137Air Mechanic130 Squadron, Royal Air Force1969Details
George Wishart1887N/ACaptainIndian Army Reserve of Officers I.E.F.D.1970Details
George Wishart1891M13374CooperRoyal Navy ReserveN/KDetails
George WishartN/K291204DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryN/KDetails
George WishartN/K1432, TR/52335DriverRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Army Service CorpsN/KDetails
George Wishart18822244Private6th Reinforcements, 5th Bn A.I.F.1916Details
George Wishart189311770Private1st Bn Scots Guards1916Details
George Wishart1881772177Private4th (Extra Reserve) Bn Highland Light Infantry, 125th Bn C.E.F.N/KDetails
George Wishart1889M/416746PrivateNo.1 Motor Transport Depot, Army Service CorpsN/KDetails
George WishartN/K53710, 60156Private2nd Bn Royal Scots FusiliersN/KDetails
George WishartN/KM2/200124PrivateArmy Service CorpsN/KDetails
George WishartN/KSS/21127, 300515PrivateRoyal Army Service Corps, Labour CorpsN/KDetails
George WishartN/K350721, 570795PrivateBlack Watch (Royal Highlanders), Labour CorpsN/KDetails
George Wishart18782742Quartermaster Sergeant1st Forfar Voluntary Artillery, Royal Engineers1959Details
George Wishart1883184556SapperRoyal EngineersN/KDetails
George WishartN/KS/4865, 310867Sapper10th (Service) Bn Gordon Highlanders, Royal EngineersN/KDetails
George WishartN/K5153, 344326SergeantRoyal Garrison ArtilleryN/KDetails
George Wishart1900K49030StokerRoyal Navy1958Details
George Wishart1873N/KN/KMerchant Navy1937Details
George Wishart1889N/KN/KCompany 'D', 37th Engineers, A.E.F.N/KDetails
Georgeson Wishart1862N/KN/KMerchant Navy1934Details
Gideon Wishart1887N/KN/KMerchant Navy1969Details
Gilbert McKinnon Wishart1884204518, 418953, 160247Private4th Bn Seaforth Highlanders, Labour Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps 1949Details
Gilbert Wishart1894609, 820048Corporal1st North Midland Brigade, 231st Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, 46th Divisional Ammunition Column1929Details
Gordon Alexander Wishart1894500Private9th Australian Light Horse Regiment A.I.F.1971Details
Gordon Tarbat Wishart190118196Private4th Regiment, South African Infantry S.A.O.E.F.1918Details
Gordon Thomas Shepherd Wishart188485, 350010Lieutenant1st/9th (Highlanders) Bn Royal Scots1940Details
H. WishartN/K224GunnerIndian Defence Force I.E.F.D.N/KDetails
Harold Walker Wishart18941106Private3rd Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1960Details
Harold Wishart189733721Private7th Bn 9th Bn 1st/5th Bn Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1935Details
Harry Albert Wishard1887N/AMajorNational Guard1974Details
Harry Clifton Wishart18792179Trooper16th Reinforcements, 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment A.I.F.1939Details
Harry Wishart18952933833Private20 Company, 5th Training Bn 158 Depot Brigade1918Details
Hector G Wishart (Voltz)18933601047CorporalBattery E, 35 Field ArtilleryN/KDetails
Henry Albert Wishart1893K/17615Stoker 1st ClassRoyal Navy1916Details
Henry Allan Wishart18892381694Lance Corporal1st (Depot) Bn (Manitoba Regiment)1976Details
Henry Ernest Wishart18971883Private4th Reinforcements, 16th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1959Details
Henry Gray Wishart1890677Private1st Bn Seaforth Highlanders I.E.F.1915Details
Henry S WishartN/K31634SapperRoyal EngineersN/KDetails
Henry Sproule Wishart18891060Private38th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1918Details
Henry Stewart Wishart1872M21624Engine Room ArtificerRoyal Navy1947Details
Henry Stewart Wishart188593460LieutenantNo.50 Stationary Hospital, 11th Field Ambulance, RAMC1948Details
Henry WishartN/KS/17619Private9th (Service), 1st/6th (Banff and Donside), 6th/7th Bn Gordon HighlandersN/KDetails
Henry Wishart1891WR 350339SapperInland Waterways Transport, Royal Engineers1921Details
Henry Wishart1892N/KN/KMerchant NavyN/KDetails
Herbert Braebrook Wishart18952147648PrivateDepot Squadron, 34th Fort Garry Horse Regiment1953Details
Herbert Jackson Wishart1892104982CorporalRoyal Army Medical Corps1970Details
Herbert Scott Wishart18871000108Private226th Bn C.E.F.N/KDetails
Hugh Blair Wishart1895N/KN/KMerchant Navy1982Details
Hugh Joseph Wishard1897K26839StokerRoyal Navy1942Details
Hugh WishartN/K2054, 95116CorporalQueen's Own Royal Glasgow YeomanryN/KDetails
Hugh Wishart1862903137Private6th Bn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers1939Details
Hugh WishartN/K3130, 95811PrivateQueen's Own Royal Glasgow YeomanryN/KDetails
Ion Katherine Elizabeth Wishart1890N/ANurse SisterCanadian Army Medical Corps C.E.F.1992Details
Irene Louise Wishart1880N/ANurseBase Hospital 49, Allerey, Saone-et-Loire A.E.F.1974Details
Isaac Wishart18933015, 200743Lance Corporal1st/4th Bn Gordon Highlanders1965Details
James A WishartN/K368229GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryN/KDetails
James Alexander Pirrie Wishart188781981PrivateCanadaN/KDetails
James Alexander Wishart189319417Private64th Highland Division, Army Cyclist CorpsN/KDetails
James Andrew Wishart1892S/15836Corporal7th Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders1916Details
James Burrell Wishard18961346352Apprentice SeamanNaval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois1967Details
James Charles Wishart1888718902Private107th Bn C.E.F.N/KDetails
James Clark Wishart1898S/26231, 30481, 39962, Private1st Garrison Bn Seaforth Highlanders, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, Highland Light Infantry1965Details
James Davidson Wishart1890T4/057305Acting Sergeant579 Coy, Army Service Corps1971Details
James Leslie Wishart1881N/ALieutenantBase Light Horse, 10th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1949Details
James Leslie Wishart18961032Private17th Bn 5th Australian Infantry Brigade A.I.F.1976Details
James Mackie Wishart18951184515CorporalAviation School (Kelly Field), 44 Recruitment Squadron, 74 Aero Squadron A.E.F.1965Details
James Matthew Wishart1892N/ACaptainRoyal Army Medical Corps1970Details
James Michael Wishart18966918Private24th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1966Details
James Palmer Wishart188522320, WR209587Lance Corporal10th (Service) Bn Highland Light Infantry, R.G.T.D. Royal Engineers1960Details
James Phillips Wishart18833770, 251200Private17th (Service) Bn (Rosebery) Royal Scots1968Details
James Robert Wishart189884688, 422822PrivateNorthumberland Fusiliers, Labour Corps1953Details
James Samuel Wishart1883N/KN/KMerchant Navy1930Details
James Scott Wishart18952076, 49667, 361971CorporalFife & Forfar Yeomanry, Machine Gun Corps, Royal EngineersN/KDetails
James Scott WishartN/K7/18766, 292801Private2nd/7th, 7th Bn Northumberland FusiliersN/KDetails
James Shanks Wishart187689126Sapper137th Corps, 237th Field Company Royal Engineers 1918Details
James Smaile Wishart189227636Lance Corporal2nd Bn Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F.1917Details
James Smith Wishart1886N/ALieutenantRoyal Navy Reserve, Merchant Service, Inland Water Transport, Royal Engineers1962Details
James Smith Wishart18952634, 350451Private18th (Service) Bn (4th Glasgow) Highland Light Infantry1918Details
James Walker McNab Wishart188611659Chief Mechanic55, 97 Squadron, Royal Air Force1967Details
James Wallace Wishart1894300236Gunner7th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery C.E.F.1916Details
James Wilkie Wishart1883121150Gunner113 Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery B.E.F.1917Details
James Wishart1890458148Acting Company Sergeant Major2nd Central Ontario Regiment C.E.F.1948Details
James WishartN/KS/14610Acting Corporal8th (Service) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)N/KDetails
James WishartN/K36531Acting Lance Sergeant10th/11th Bn Highland Light Infantry, 7th Bn Highland Light Infantry, 15th Bn Highland Light InfantryN/KDetails
James Wishart1877288536ClerkHQ Rouen, Royal Air Force1929Details
James WishartN/KM2/204867CorporalArmy Service CorpsN/KDetails
James Wishart1878101535Corporal MechanicRoyal Air Force1939Details
James Wishart18673565GunnerRoyal NavyN/KDetails
James Wishart189211955Lance Corporal6th Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers1915Details
James Wishart18862557, 290656Lance Sergeant1st/7th (Fife) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)1917Details
James Wishart1874M5441Ordnance ArtificerRoyal NavyN/KDetails
James Wishart188810046Private3rd, 1st Bn Highland Light Infantry I.E.F.1914Details
James Wishart189615273Private2nd Bn Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F.1916Details
James Wishart189027414Private1st/7th Royal Scots, 15th Bn Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) C.E.F.1917Details
James Wishart1893696880Private31st Bn Canadian Infantry C.E.F.1917Details
James Wishart189514023, 266948Private1st/6th (Banff and Donside), 8th/10th Bn Gordon Highlanders1917Details
James Wishart18974087, 201953, 209528, 208130, 449232Private2nd/1st London Regiment, Somerset Light Infantry, Labour Corps1938Details
James Wishart188416486, 106572, 79030Private6th (Service) Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Royal Army Service Corps, 6th Bn The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)1944Details
James Wishart188048147Private18th Bn (King's) Liverpool Regiment1959Details
James Wishart18711048386Private242nd Bn C.E.F.N/KDetails
James Wishart1892579Private10th Bn Royal Irish RiflesN/KDetails
James WishartN/K206018, 245536Private6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, 23rd Bn Royal Fusiliers, 2nd London RegimentN/KDetails
James WishartN/K1534, 300295Private1st/7th Bn Royal Scots, Attached to 156th Brigade HQN/KDetails
James WishartN/KS/17400, S/14207, 1/16401Private8th (Service) Bn Seaforth Highlanders, Gordon Highlanders, Territorial Reserve,N/KDetails
James Wishart1898N/KPrivate 1st ClassMachine Gun Company, 48th InfantryN/KDetails
James Wishart1872N/AReverendRoyal Army Chaplain's Department1958Details
James Wishart1875264665, WR/505964SapperInland Water Transport, Royal Engineers1946Details
James Wishart1890S/6461, S/7226Sergeant9th (Service) Bn Gordon Highlanders1917Details
James Wishart1888306323Sergeant157th Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery - Highland (Fifeshire) M.E.F.1918Details
James Wishart1894613, 306033Sergeant1st/1st Highland Battery (Fife), Royal Garrison Artillery T.F.N/KDetails
James WishartN/KSS/32SergeantBase Depot Service, Army Service CorpsN/KDetails
James Wishart1854N/KN/KMerchant NavyN/KDetails
Jessie Wishart1883N/ANursing SisterQueen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing ServiceN/KDetails
John Alexander Wishart1873269213Air Mechanic23 Squadron, Royal Air Force1926Details
John Alexander Wishart1888216084Sapper"G" Depot Coy, Royal Engineers, 2nd/2nd Lancashire Coy, Royal Engineers1957Details
John Archibald Wishart1891513673PrivateCanadian Army Sevice Corps C.E.F.N/KDetails
John B WishartN/K93138SapperRoyal EngineersN/KDetails
John Bert Wishart1894N/KPharmacist Third ClassU.S. Navy Medical Corps, US Marine Corps, A.E.F.1970Details
John Brown Wishart18894625, 331780Sergeant9th Bn 6th Reserve Bn 2nd Bn 10th Bn Highland Light Infantry1951Details
John Carroll Wishart1895N/KPrivate 1st ClassCompany 'M', 13th Marine Regiment, United States Marine Corps A.E.F.1969Details
John Charles Wishart18788781Sergeant56th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1942Details
John Charles Wishart1894358Trooper3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment A.I.F.1915Details
John Cuthbert Wishart189618734Rifleman1st Bn 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade, N.Z.E.F.1975Details
John Edward Wishart18891414, 935340Driver282nd, 141st, 160th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1977Details
John Edwin Wishard1893N/KN/KN/K1971Details
John Elmer Wishart1896794017Private26th, 132nd. Bn C.E.F.1972Details
John G Wishard MD1863N/ASurgeon1940Details
John George Wishart18936/4980, 266157Private6th Northumberland Fusiliers1962Details
John Graham Wishart1877171400Private83rd Bn (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada), C.E.F.N/KDetails
John Grant Wishart18931438, 660494Gunner3rd Lowland Brigade, 262nd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1984Details
John Hay Wishart18781004Private30th Bn A.I.F.1916Details
John James Wishard189326248Private7th Bn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers1917Details
John Keith Wishart187644605, 185532Private1st (Reserve) Bn King's Own Yorkshire LIght Infantry, 356, 407, 505 Agricultural Coys, Labour Corps1942Details
John McInnes Wishart18892381Private7th Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) M.E.F.1915Details
John McPetrie Wishart1890799194Private1st/7th (Deeside Highland) Bn Gordon Highlanders, 134th Bn (48th Highlanders) C.E.F.1966Details
John Newman Featherstone Haugh Wishart1896147518Private32nd Bn C.E.F.1981Details
John Reidford Wishart1893N/ACaptain86th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery B.E.F.1969Details
John Russell Wishart18826391, 40669Lance Sergeant2nd Dragoons, 17th (Service) Bn (Rosebery) Royal Scots1917Details
John Sentner Wishart1889N/KCorporalU.S. Army A.E.F.1953Details
John Stuart Wishart1901558971PrivateCompany G, 39th Infantry, Company B, 11th Machine Gun Bn A.E.F.1945Details
John Thomas Wishart187937963, 305477Private2nd/1st Cheshire Yeomanry, 16th Bn Tank Corps1953Details
John W WishartN/KL/6861, 22419Private9th Lancers, The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)N/KDetails
John Waddie Wishart18846009, 8394Private1st/4th Bn Somerset Light Infantry, 1st Bn South Wales Borderers B.E.F.1914Details
John Watson Wishart18882902/7Corporal1st/7th (Deeside Highland) Bn Gordon Highlanders1918Details
John William Wishart189245392, 28224SergeantCheshire Regiment, 6th Bn King's Shropshire Light Infantry1919Details
John Wilson Wishart1887N/KN/KCompany 'D', 15th Engineers, A.E.F.1920Details
John Wishart1886157950Acting Bombardier18th Northern Fire Command, Royal Garrison Artillery1963Details
John Wishart1889S23020Acting CorporalHighland Light Infantry, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 7th Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders1957Details
John Wishart1879S4/064748, 4019Captain61st Depot Unit of Supply, Army Service Corps, 5th, 1st/9th (Highlanders) Bn Royal ScotsN/KDetails
John Wishart1889419Company Sergeant Major1st/4th Bn Gordon Highlanders1915Details
John WishartN/KSS/12289, D/8872/SCompany Sergeant MajorRoyal Army Service Corps, Royal Marine Labour CorpsN/KDetails
John Wishart18823011Corporal6th Reinforcements, 32nd Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.N/KDetails
John WishartN/K43786, M/38323Corporal33rd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, Army Service CorpsN/KDetails
John WishartN/K203273Corporal1st/6th (Banff and Donside) Bn Gordon HighlandersN/KDetails
John WishartN/K361256DriverRoyal EngineersN/KDetails
John WishartN/K316256DriverRoyal EngineersN/KDetails
John WishartN/KL/3927GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryN/KDetails
John WishartN/K26608, S/40535Lance Corporal1st Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, 8th/10th, 1st/5th (Buchan and Formartin) Bn Gordon HighlandersN/KDetails
John Wishart188657539Private20th Bn Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) C.E.F.1915Details
John Wishart18961496Private1st/4th (Queen's Edinburgh Rifles), 1st/6th Bn Royal Scots M.E.F.1915Details
John Wishart18944385, 201173Private4th/5th Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)1917Details
John Wishart189218001Private3rd Bn Scots Guards1931Details
John Wishart18644617PrivateNational Reserve, Dundee1934Details
John Wishart18793333, 201333Private1st/5th Bn Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)1966Details
John Wishart18973/2450, 254129, 384259Private1st Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) B.E.F. Labour Corps1974Details
John Wishart187823096, 6212, 442419Private2nd/6th Bn Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders), 938th Area Employ (Artisan) Company, Labour CorpsN/KDetails
John Wishart1883MI/8202PrivateArmy Service Corps (Base Motor Transport Depot)N/KDetails
John Wishart1894824Private1st Reinforcements, 12th Light Horse A.I.F.N/KDetails
John WishartN/KS/3423Private1st Bn Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)N/KDetails
John WishartN/K52910Private1st/4th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, 14th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, 1st Bn Northumberland FusiliersN/KDetails
John WishartN/KS/3739Private9th (Service) Bn Gordon HighlandersN/KDetails
John WishartN/K351140Private9th (Service), 4th/5th Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)N/KDetails
John WishartN/KDM2/228118PrivateArmy Service CorpsN/KDetails
John WishartN/KM2/079723PrivateRoyal Army Service CorpsN/KDetails
John Wishart18985144Second LieutenantHighland Light Infantry, 53rd Training Reserve Bn (KSOB), Royal Flying Corps, 7th (Fife), 9th (Service) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)1956Details
John Wishart189410689Sergeant1st Bn Royal Scots1937Details
John Wishart1885N/KN/KMerchant Navy1951Details
Joseph Attwood Wishart189517341Gunner17th New Zealand Field Artillery, N.Z.E.F.1960Details
Joseph Francis Wishart18971843285Corporal335 Field Remount Squadron, A.E.F.1960Details
Joseph H Wiseheart1895N/KN/KUSA1983Details
Joseph P WishartN/K101352PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Cavalry)N/KDetails
Joseph Pattison Wishart188414702Private12th (Service) Bn West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)1968Details
Joseph Watson Wishart1891S/17571Private1st/4th Bn Gordon Highlanders1917Details
Joseph WishartN/K112, 466, 201298, 559852Corporal4th Border Regiment, Rifle Brigade, Royal EngineersN/KDetails
Joseph Wishart18917322Gunner6th Divisional Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery B.E.F.1915Details
Joseph Wishart1894172641Private200th Bn Machine Gun Corps1978Details
Joseph WishartN/K76337Private11th Bn Notts and Derby (Sherwood Foresters) RegimentN/KDetails
Joyce Thompson Wishart1888N/ANurse SisterRCMC, C.E.F.1924Details
Katherine Wishart1879N/ASisterQueen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing ServiceN/KDetails
Keith Falconer Wishart18942200, 330147CorporalAlexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Hussars1974Details
Leonard John Wishart18943259490Private1st Bn C.E.F.1945Details
Leslie Robert Wishart189013418Private3rd Australian Auxiliary Mechanical Transport Company, 2nd Divisional MT Coy, A.I.F.1960Details
Leslie Winstead Wishard1894N/AFirst LieutenantU.S. Aviation Corps1993Details
Lester Clinton Wishard1888N/KEnsignUSS Palor, U.S. Navy1968Details
Lillias Ann Davidson Wishart1876N/ASisterTerritorial Force Nursing Service1971Details
Lonnie Barks Wishart18883277571Private339 Motor Transport Coy1945Details
M. B. WishartN/KN/ACaptain (Temporary)Royal Army Medical CorpsN/KDetails
Magnus Wishart18961056, 136005Private10th, 8th Bn Lincolnshire Regiment, Royal Army Medical Corps 1972Details
Malcolm Boyd Wiseheart1895N/KN/KN/K1972Details
Malcolm Wishart1900142146Air MechanicRoyal Air Force1952Details
Mark Wishart1897912, 368221, 64814Private4 Coy, Orkney Royal Garrison Artillery, 21st (Reserve) Bn Highland Light Infantry1980Details
Matthew Wishart1874N/KGreaserMerchant NavyN/KDetails
Matthew Wishart189850739, M/411754Private17th (Service) Bn (Rosebery) Royal Scots, 274 Motor Transport Coy, Army Service Corps1949Details
Matthew Wishart18652555Sergeant1st/5th (Queen's Edinburgh Rifles) Bn Royal Scots M.E.F.1915Details
Max David Wishart19026470608PrivateBattery 'B', 83rd Field Artillery1969Details
Myron Emory Wishart18912283973CookCompany 'L' & Support Coy, 44th Infantry A.E.F.1928Details
Norman McDermid Wishart1899133938PilotRoyal Air Force1935Details
Norman McLeod Wishart1888740Corporal1st Reinforcements, 11th Bn 3rd Brigade AIF, 51st Infantry, Bn AIF, 4th Division Australian Army Ordnance Corps A.I.F.1918Details
Norman Robert Wishart18932817Corporal8th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1972Details
Oral Wisehart1892N/KPrivateMachine Gun Company, 39th Infantry Regiment, 4th Division A.E.F.1918Details
Ovie Clarence Wishard1896N/KN/K1995Details
Paul Barclay Wishart1898N/KEnsignU.S. Navy1979Details
Percy Harold Wishart189257922PrivateMachine Gun Corps1964Details
Peter Goudie Wishart18912557390Private68th Overseas Battery C.F.A. C.E.F.N/KDetails
Peter Wishart188661264Driver90th Field Company Royal Engineers1915Details
Peter Wishart1891T/29964Driver6th Reserve Park, Royal Army Service Corps1982Details
Peter Wishart187518951Private4th Field Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps, A.I.F.1955Details
Peter WishartN/K202417, 30922Private1st/5th (Angus & Dundee) Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers, 9th (Service) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)N/KDetails
Peter WishartN/K2330, 290529Private1st/7th (Fife) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)N/KDetails
Peter Wishart18842470, 414097Sapper2nd Lowland Field Coy, Royal Engineers (Territorial), 410th Lowland Field Coy, Royal Engineers1951Details
Peter WishartN/KS/4836Sergeant9th (Service) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)N/KDetails
R T WishartN/KG/27229Private3rd Royal Sussex RegimentN/KDetails
Ralph Herbert Wishard1896N/ACommanderU.S. Navy1954Details
Ralph Waldo Wishart1898805541N/K3 Coy Key West Barracks, Florida, Battery 'B' 38 Artillery Coast Artillery Corps, 155 Depot Brigade1972Details
Randolph Wishart18967328Private23rd Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1960Details
Raymond Otho Wishart18912,462,619SergeantBattery 'D', 80th Field Artillery, A.E.F.1973Details
Raymond Wishart18931,696,630PrivateCoy G, 305 Infantry, HQ Coy 305 Infantry, A.E.F.1918Details
Reginald Alexander Wishart1893450Private38th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1917Details
Reginald Oswald Angus Wishart18963162Private7th Reinforcements, 37th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1940Details
Reginald Wishart189515618Lance Corporal2nd Scots Guards1950Details
Richard John Wishart18941568TrooperRoyal Horse Guards (Household Bn)1933Details
Richard Muir Wishart1879264776GunnerRoyal Field Artillery1951Details
Richard Wishart189776328Private9th & 2nd Bn Notts and Derby (Sherwood Foresters) Regiment1966Details
Robert Alexander Wishart18797729, 6924, 8629,12056Lance Corporal3rd Bn Royal Scots, 2nd Bt. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, 1st Bn Highland Light Infantry I.E.F.1915Details
Robert D WishartN/KM2/097942PrivateArmy Service CorpsN/KDetails
Robert Don Wishart188564783Sapper3rd Reserve Bn Royal Engineers1954Details
Robert Henry Wishart1888R/632, 204480Lance CorporalMiddlesex Regiment, 4th & 1st/6th BnSouth Staffordshire Regiment1918Details
Robert Ingram Wishart1892H177, T/03633, 204760Private1st/1st Highland MVS Royal Army Veterinary Corps, 1st Highland M.U.S., 7th & 9th East Surrey Regiment1971Details
Robert James Wishart18806967Sergeant33rd Brigade, 26th Brigade, 'C' Battery 78th Brigade Royal Field Artillery1918Details
Robert McLaren Wishart1883N/ASurgeonEdinburgh Border Hospital Dunkirk Under British Red Cross Society, R.A.M.C., 7th Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders1922Details
Robert Milne Wishart18943/4272CaptainNew Zealand Medical Corps, N.Z.E.F.1963Details
Robert Morgan Wishart1876260492ClerkRoyal Air Force1954Details
Robert Noble Wishart189617335Sapper1st Signal Squadron Engineers (AMD) A.I.F.1968Details
Robert Scott Wishart1889N/ACaptain256th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1929Details
Robert Watmaugh Wishart1895501Private9th Australian Light Horse Regiment A.I.F.1988Details
Robert William Wishart187875466Air MechanicRoyal Air Force1938Details
Robert Wilson Wishart188898972GunnerBrigade Ammunition Column, 18th Divisional Ammunition Column, 83rd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1958Details
Robert Wishart1868N/KAble SeamanH.M.H.S. Glenart Castle (Southampton) Mercantile Marine1918Details
Robert Wishart1873473617Able SeamanMerchant Navy1933Details
Robert Wishart1900249326Aircraft ControllerRoyal Naval Air Service, Royal Air ForceN/KDetails
Robert Wishart1888298566ClerkRoyal Air ForceN/KDetails
Robert Wishart1888463855Corporal62nd Bn 123rd Bn 3rd Pioneer Bn Canadian Railway Troops (Light Railway Construction Coy) C.E.F.1953Details
Robert Wishart18883598, 355643Corporal1st/10th (Scottish) Bn The King's Liverpool Regiment B.E.F.1964Details
Robert Wishart18976/1844, 265189Corporal1st/6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers1985Details
Robert Wishart1897291, 238146Corporal548th (Dundee) Field Coy, Royal Engineers, 525th (2nd London) Reserve Field Coy, Royal Engineers, 21st Bn Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire) Regiment1993Details
Robert Wishart1894M18634Engine Room ArtificerGrand Fleet, Royal Navy1977Details
Robert WishartN/K368046GunnerRoyal Garrison ArtilleryN/KDetails
Robert Wishart18841018671Lance Corporal232nd Bn C.E.F.1958Details
Robert Wishart18853/4067Private1st Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)1915Details
Robert Wishart188724767Private6th/7th Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers1917Details
Robert Wishart188321011Private2nd Bn Royal Scots1940Details
Robert Wishart1883S/7501Private8th (Service) Bn Gordon Highlanders1966Details
Robert Wishart18863352297Private1st Depot Bn (Saskatchewan Regiment)1969Details
Robert Wishart18873963Private4th Australian Light Horse Regiment A.I.F.N/KDetails
Robert WishartN/KS/24652, S/42356PrivateArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 8th Bn Seaforth HighlandersN/KDetails
Robert WishartN/K8/13890Rifleman8th, 15th Bn Royal Irish RiflesN/KDetails
Robert Wishart1889T3649, 412466, 77153Sapper3rd/1st Lowland Field Coy, Royal Engineers (T), 435th (East Lane) Field Coy, Royal Engineers, 11th Bn Durham Light Infantry, 1502 A.W. Coy, Royal Engineers1950Details
Robert Wishart MM1886L/29879Sergeant150th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1917Details
Robert WishartN/K1274, 265141Sergeant1st/6th (Perthshire) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)N/KDetails
Robert Wyatt Wishart1886N/AFirst Lieutenant802nd Stevedore Bn1937Details
Robson Wishart189876246, 58887Private9th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment, 5th Bn King's Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry) 1918Details
Ronald Henry Wishart189010146Private5th Reinforcements, 2nd Australian Casualty Clearing Station, AMC A.I.F.1954Details
Ronald John Wishart18901015982Private72nd Bn Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment) C.E.F.1918Details
Samuel Buchanan Wishart1889249677Private208th Bn C.E.F.1964Details
Scott Wishart189781453Acting CorporalRoyal Army Medical Corps1979Details
Sidney Wishart1854N/AColonel6th London Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1935Details
Silas David Wishart18884136, 251276Private1st/5th Bn Essex Regiment (Territorial)1936Details
Sinclair John Wishart1891170239GunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery1967Details
Stanley Lowe Wishart189313361Private6th (Service) Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers, 5th/6th Princess Victoria's (Royal Irish Fusiliers) M.E.F.1971Details
Stanley Roy Wishart18822010688SapperCanadaN/KDetails
Stanley Wishart189963222Private4th (Reserve) Bn Yorkshire Regiment1981Details
Stewart Stirling Wishart1896M19063Engine Room ArtificerRoyal Navy1936Details
Sydney Beamish Wishart189618735Rifleman9th Reinforcements, 2nd Bn New Zealand Rifle Brigade, N.Z.E.F.1965Details
Sydney G WishartN/K258C.Q.M.S.British West Indies RegimentN/KDetails
Theophilus Luke Wishart18814605546Private5th USMC Rgt, 2nd Division A.E.F.1918Details
Thomas A WishartN/K237582PioneerRoyal EngineersN/KDetails
Thomas Andrew Wishart186762133, 95346Private15th Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 500 Coy, 468 Coy, Royal Defense Corps1947Details
Thomas Arthur Wishart18893110568Private1st Depot Bn 2nd Ontario Overseas Regiment C.E.F.1921Details
Thomas Bett Wishart189217626Air Mechanic47 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force1949Details
Thomas Gordon Wishart189510857Private2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers1941Details
Thomas Graham Wishart1871M2/150430Staff Sergeant557 Motor Transport Coy, 625 Motor Transport Coy, Royal Army Service Corps B.E.F.1960Details
Thomas James Hutton Wishart1900204798Senior Wireless OperatorMerchant NavyN/KDetails
Thomas Wishart18915284, 344420Gunner337th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery1942Details
Thomas Wishart18947635Lance Corporal4th Regiment, South African Infantry S.A.O.E.F.1918Details
Thomas Wishart18953028, 200752Lieutenant1st/4th Bn Gordon Highlanders, 120 Squadron, Royal Air ForceN/KDetails
Thomas Wishart18937247Private1st/4th Bn King's Own Scottish Borderers M.E.F.1915Details
Thomas Wishart18945/2559Private1st/5th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers1916Details
Thomas Wishart1893S22688Private2nd Bn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders1950Details
Thomas Wishart188930141PrivateCanada1954Details
Thomas Wishart1880S/8051Private3rd (Reserve) Bn Gordon Highlanders1956Details
Thomas Wishart1895191, 2413, 19840Private1st/6th (City of Glasgow) Bn Highland Light Infantry, 52nd (Lowland) Army Cyclist Corps1963Details
Thomas WishartN/K45830, 5/53824, 93508Private83rd Training Reserve Bn Infantry Base Depot, 7th Bn York & Lancaster Regiment, Durham Light InfantryN/KDetails
Thomas WishartN/KS/7678Private8th (Service) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)N/KDetails
Thomas WishartN/K315706Private9th Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)N/KDetails
Thomas Wishart1884302612StokerRoyal NavyN/KDetails
Walter Ford Wishart1895405823Air MechanicIndia Aircraft Park, Risalpur, Royal Air Force1918Details
Walter G Wishart1885N/KPrivateMachine Gun Company, 326th Infantry, A.E.F.1930Details
Walter Holmes Wishard MD1894N/ALieutenantNo 6 General Hospital, Army Medical Corps, A.E.F.1970Details
Walter John Daniel Wishart187629218QM SergeantRoyal Engineers1953Details
Walter Scott Wishart18752911Private6th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment, 26th Provisional Bn1918Details
Walter Warnick Wishart18951001264Private225th Bn C.E.F.1920Details
Walter Wishart1890307351DriverRoyal Garrison Artillery1958Details
Wilfred James Wishart18921045Private7th Reinforcements, 11th Bn 28th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1949Details
Wilfred Percival Wishart1885N/ALieutenantAustralian Young Mens Christian Association, A.I.F.1956Details
William Alexander Wishart18766405Sapper54th Field Coy, Royal Engineers1918Details
William Andrew Wishart18833503Private1st/10th (Scottish) Bn The King's Liverpool Regiment B.E.F.1943Details
William Bishop Wishart1893F38342Air MechanicRoyal Navy, Royal Air Force1982Details
William C WishartN/K2033, 422797DriverRoyal EngineersN/KDetails
William Davidson Wishart1899S/23260Acting Corporal10th (Service) Bn Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)1918Details
William Donald Wishart187624250Private7th/8th Bn King's Own Scottish Borderers1958Details
William Duncan Wishart189014752Private2nd Bn Scots Guards1966Details
William Emmett Wishart1886N/ACaptainBase Hospital 81, Army Medical Corps, A.E.F.1942Details
William Ferguson Wishart1894814Second LieutenantLanarkshire Yeomanry, 6th Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 1915Details
William Forman Wishart18973205525Private1st Depot Bn Alberta Regiment, 31st Bn C.E.F.1966Details
William Frederick Wishart18956860Private16th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1961Details
William Frederick Wishart18954732, 201775Second Lieutenant1st/4th Bn Gordon Highlanders1918Details
William Garrick Wishart1886N/ACaptainRoyal Garrison Artillery1973Details
William Gilbert Wishart18901487, 725685DriverRoyal Field Artillery1958Details
William Gordon Wishart188196818GunnerDivisional Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery 1916Details
William Graham Wishart18919214Sergeant1st Bn Royal Scots1915Details
William Henry Wishart1879N/ACaptainRoyal Army Medical CorpsN/KDetails
William Henry Wishart18749/2013, 40056Trooper9th Reinforcements N.Z.E.F.1959Details
William James Wishart188867179, 29827PrivateRemounts Service, ASC, 6th Bn Dorsetshire Regiment (6th Bn) 1918Details
William Jeffs Wishart187614595Private18th Section, Royal Army Ordnance Corps1945Details
William John Alexander Bruce Wishart1875N/AMajorRoyal Army Medical Corps1942Details
William John Wishart1885102529Pipe Major67th Bn C.E.F.1953Details
William Lindsay Wishart188027139Lance Corporal15th (Service) Bn (1st Glasgow) Highland Light Infantry1951Details
William Muir Wishart18856576Second Lieutenant1st/9th (Highlanders) Bn Royal Scots, 8th Bn Seaforth Highlanders1974Details
William Nairn Wishart189593103GunnerArmy Service Corps, 7th Bn Tank Corps1918Details
William Paul Crichton Wishart188771714CorporalRoyal Air ForceN/KDetails
William Robertson Wishart1882451Lieutenant2nd Light Horse Field Ambulance, 1st Australian Stationary Hospital, 1st ANZAC Headquarters, 4th Division Army Ordinance Corps, 47th Bn Australian Infantry, 48th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.1922Details
William Ronald Wishart189976127Private1st/1st County of London Yeomanry1974Details
William Smith Wishart1890494, 43332Second Lieutenant5th Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 2nd Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)1954Details
William Sutherland Wishart1898N/KSeamanMerchant Navy1942Details
William Tulloch Wishart1886133695Driver528 Howitzer Battery, 505 Heavy Battery, 465 Howitzer Battery, Royal Field ArtilleryN/KDetails
William Wilbert Wishard1893N/KN/KUSA1981Details
William Willock Wishart18774944, 64534Private216 Coy, Machine Gun Corps1925Details
William Wilson Wishart1890S/16441Private1st Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 9th (Service) Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)1956Details
William Wishart1899138678Air Mechanic148 Squadron, 115 Squadron, Royal Air Force1948Details
William Wishart18752080, 330044Corporal3rd/2nd, 329th Lowland Field Ambulance, RAMCN/KDetails
William Wishart1875114042Engineer, 1st ClassMerchant NavyN/KDetails
William Wishart1890297, 43760Lance Corporal3rd/5th Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 4th (Reserve) Bn Royal Scots, 16th (Service) Bn (2nd Edinburgh) Royal Scots 1917Details
William Wishart1886S/13334Private1st Bn Seaforth Highlanders1917Details
William Wishart18963/6364Private8th/10th Bn Gordon Highlanders1917Details
William Wishart1881CH/2411/SPrivateRoyal Marine Light Infantry1925Details
William Wishart1889684005Private1936Details
William Wishart18822072, 119884Private1st/6th (City of Glasgow) Bn Highland Light Infantry, 97 Squadron, 91 Squadron, Royal Air Force1937Details
William Wishart18941855, 67916Private1st/1st Queen's Own Glasgow Yeomanry, 51 Squadron, 49 Wing, Royal Air Force1945Details
William Wishart18824234Private11th Reinforcements, 1st Pioneer Bn A.I.F.1958Details
William Wishart18962903, 162702Private1st/7th (Deeside Highland) Bn Gordon Highlanders, Machine Gun Corps1965Details
William Wishart18921632, 325091Private9th Bn Durham Light Infantry1972Details
William Wishart1883S/23728Private9th Bn Queen's Own Cameron HighlandersN/KDetails
William Wishart1884201842Private4th/5th Bn Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)N/KDetails
William Wishart1890126408Private3rd (Reserve) Bn Scots GuardsN/KDetails
William Wishart189480116Private31st Bn C.E.F.N/KDetails
William Wishart18952266Private4th Reinforcements, 60th & 59th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F.N/KDetails
William Wishart19002961Private1st/7th Bn Royal ScotsN/KDetails
William WishartN/K34020, 43029, 76682Private13th (Service) Bn Royal Scots, 1st Bn Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Northumberland FusiliersN/KDetails
William WishartN/K20357Private6th Bn Loyal North Lancashire RegimentN/KDetails
William WishartN/K27568PrivateRoyal Army Ordinance CorpsN/KDetails
William WishartN/K8983, 76038SapperRoyal Engineers (Territorial Forces)N/KDetails
William Wishart18871716573SergeantBattery F, 306th Field Artillery, A.E.F.N/KDetails
William WishartN/KT4/247604SergeantArmy Service CorpsN/KDetails
Winifred Wishart1888N/AStaff NurseQueen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing ServiceN/KDetails
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