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United Kingdom

At 12:05 p.m. Thomas Wishart – a colliery engine keeper, and his wife Christina Stoddart, become parents to a son and name him Thomas. Born at Donaldson’s Close in Dalkeith, Thomas’s parents married on 28 July the previous year.


In the south of the country, near Amara, S/13334 Pte. William Wishart, 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, dies of dysentery. William had joined his battalion shortly before they left for Basra in December 1915 and had participated in the battles of Sheikh Sa’ad, Wadi, Umm el Hannah, Sannaiyatand the capture of Baghdad. Sickness was rife amongst the soldiers and William was buried in the Amara War Cemetery. He was the son of James and Jessie Wishart, of Barbrecks, Kirbister, Orphir, Kirkwall, Orkney and part of tree WIS0082.