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12056 L/Cpl Robert Alexander Wishart and the 1st Battalion, Highland Light Infantry remain in a state of readiness to move at short notice at Riez-du-Vinage. In the evening privates 3/4067 Robert Wishart, 7397 George Wishart and 2338 Andrew Wishart of the 1st Black Watch go back into the trenches at Rue-du-Bois. The weather has turned very cold and there is a sharp frost and some snow. 677 Pte. Henry Gray Wishart of the 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders also experience snow during the day when the battalion move into close billets at Lacouture.

At Rue de L’Epinette 9650 Pte. Alexander Wishart leaves the trenches with the 1st Scots Guards and goes into billets.

The 15th Battalion, CEF spent their day being shelled in the trenches at Rue Petillon. Privates 27972 George Rodger Wishart and 27414 James Wishart are not hurt and the battalion diary notes that about half the shells that come over do not explode and two are subsequently dug up.


In La Clytte all companies of the 4th Gordon Highlanders (including 1972 Pte. Alexander Wishart and 419 CSM John Wishart) have spent time in the trenches.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]