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United Kingdom

Dying at the Kirkcaldy Hospital in Sinclairtown, Dysart is 25-year-old coal miner James Haig Wishart from WIS0060. The Fifeshire Advertiser published the next day gave more details about James’ demise:

About ten o’clock on Thursday night the residenters in Bridgeton, Kirkcaldy, were startled by the sound of an explosion, and amongst those who went out to investigate were the mother and sister of James Wishart, miner, 47 Bridgeton. Observing nothing on the street, they went to the back garden and were horrified to find Wishart lying on the ground in an unconscious condition, with his head terribly injured. Medical assistance was called, and as the unfortunate young man was alive he was conveyed to Kirkcaldy Hospital.

From the first no hope of his surviving was entertained, and he died of his injuries at half-past two yesterday afternoon. How Wishart met his death can only be surmised, but indications point to his injuries having been caused by a gelignite cartridge, which had been placed on his head under his cap and exploded by the ignition of the fuse. A box of matches was found where he fell. The deceased is known to have been excited over an action in which the Sheriff last week granted his wife separation and aliment.

James was the son of John Wishart, a retired engine fitter, and his wife Margaret Haig.