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United Kingdom

At Byker Parish Church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 22-year-old Thomas Wishart, a private serving with the 1st/5th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, marries local girl Sarah Alcock. Thomas (part of Wishart Tree 116) was the son of a boilermaker named Alexander Wishart and returned to the Western Front shortly after the wedding. He was fatally wounded on 16 July and died in hospital back in the UK several days later.

The same day at the Royal Infirmary in Stirling, a 72-year-old retired lorry man named David Wishart dies of Epistelioma (probably skin cancer) and post operative shock. He was the husband of Elizabeth McGregor and at the time of his death had been living at 62 Baker Street in Stirling. David’s late parents were a ploughman named Robert and his wife May Sommerville. His son John Wishart of 1 St. John Street was the informant of his father’s death.