France & Flanders

Dying of wounds while based in the Lens Sector is 83454 Gnr. George Herbert Wisheart (WIS0157) of the 13th Battery, 4th Brigade Canadian Field Artillery. George, originally from Ireland, had enlisted in December 1914 and saw action in some of the hottest spots on the Western Front after arriving in France in 1916.


In Dropmore, Shellmouth County, Manitoba, a butchere named Sidney Clifton Wishart and his wife, Lucy Ellen LeFlar, become parents to their third child, a son, and name him Elmer Elvin. The family are part of tree WIS0057.

United Kingdom

At 40 Mackechnie Street, Govan, Thomas Wishart, a shipyard labourer, and his wife, Christina Baird, become parents to a boy, and name him Douglas.