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United Kingdom

In late afternoon at 162 Raploch Street in Larkhall, John Wishart, a coal miner, and his wife Peterina Johnstone become parents to a baby boy and name him Francis Johnstone Wishart. The family are part of WIS0098.

The same day at 46 Lauder Road in the Newington district of Edinburgh, a postman named Robert Kerr Wishart (48) marries Emma Brackenbury (42.) Robert was resident at 27 Blackthorn Crescent at the time of the marriage and a widower. His parents were the late John Wishart, a brass finisher, and Euphens Affleck Kerr. Emma was resident at 12 Mansion House Road and working as a domestic servant. She was the illegitimate daughter of Sarah Ann Brackenbury, who was latterly married to George Samuel Farmer.