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France & Flanders

PozièresKilled in action on the Somme at Pozières is 2244 Pte. George Wishart of the 5th battalion, AIF. He was initially reported as missing and subsequently listed as killed in action at a court of enquiry on the 26 November 1916. George was originally buried in the vicinity of Pozières and exhumed and reburied in the Serre Road cemetery (Number 2 – Grave No XXII.D.8.)

The following correspondence was received, and sent by the war office following George’s disappearance:

From: Mr. R W Wishart of 272 Great Western Road, Aberdeen (September 16th, 1916)

Gent, I shall be obliged if you will enter the name of my son in your enquiry list for missing soldiers. Particulars as follows:

no 2244 Private G Wishart, 5th Battalion Australian Imperial Force serving with the British Expeditionary Force in France. Reported missing since 25th July 1916.

These are all the particulars I can get from the front at the present. If there is any further information required kindly let me know.

Yours respectfully, R W Wishart

Reply from: ‘V.D.’ Secretary
To: R. W. Wishart Esq., 272, Great Western Road, Aberdeen

Dear Sir,

We have received your enquiry for No. 2244 Pte. G. Wishart, 5th Australia Btn., and regret to inform you that we have no news to send you. We are making all possible enquiries, and shall let you know as soon as we hear anything, as we relaise (sic) how anxious you must be.

Assuring you of our deepest sympathy, I am, Yours faithfully,

V.D. Secretary

From: Miss E. McCarthy of ‘Darriwill’ Moorabool, Victoria (undated)
To: Officer in charge, Base Records Office

Dear Sir,

Could you give me any information re. N.2244 Pte. Geo Wishart “C” Company 5th Battalion, 2nd Infantry Brigade, 1st Australian Division. He left here with the 6th Reinforcements and I have been receiving letters from him ever since until about 2 months ago so would be very thankful if you could give me any information.

Yours truly, (Miss) E. McCarthy

Reply from: Major, Officer i/c Base Records
To: Miss K McCarthy, “Darriwil”, Moorabool, Victoria

Dear Madam,

In reply to your letter (undated). I regret to inform you that No. 2244 Private George Wishart, 5th Battalion, is reported in a cable message as missing since 25/7/16.

No further news has up to the present been received, but it is understood that everything possible is being done by the authorities overseas to endeavour to trace members of the Force so reported.

Yours faithfully, Major, Officer i/c Base Records