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United Kingdom

Joseph Wishart was born at 69 Liddle Street in Cornsay which was in the district of Lanchester, Lancashire. Joseph was the second child of Emmerson Wishart, a coal miner from County Durham, and Margaret Ann Williams. Joseph forms part of Wishart Tree 031.


At 4 a.m. 8394 Pte. John Waddie Wishart of the 1st Battalion, South Wales Borderers leaves billets with C Company, and along with A Company, relieves B & D Coys in the trenches.  The mail arrives and perhaps John gets the latest news about his daughter Ivy, who is now a month old. Several naval guns are brought up during the day which is well-received. 56591 Gnr. George Greig Wishart keeps up the pressure at Verneuil whilst 7322 Gnr. Joseph Wishart, 6th DAC remains at Jouaignes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]