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Killed in action today in Dickebusch is 57539 Pte. John Wishart of the 20th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) CEF. John, originally from Leslie in Fife, had been working as a farm labourer in Canada before the war and had enlisted in Toronto during November 1914. On the day he died the Germans sent over several rifle grenades into the Canadian’s trench, one killing John instantly. John is part of Wishart Tree 028. An obituary in The Scotsman published 15 November read:

John Wishart, 20th Battalion Second Canadian Contingent, who was killed in France, joined the army a year ago. Before going to Canada he was in the employment of Messrs A. Whyte & Son, Easter Road, Edinburgh, and resided with his parents at 10 Bowling Green Street, Leith.