United States

In New York, 17-year-old George Stuart Wishart from Brooklyn enlists in the navy. As he is underage he is kept in the reserve until his eighteenth birthday when he is sent to the naval training camp at Pelham Bay Park in New York where he trains to become a landsman for electrician (radio.) George would see out the rest of the war on home service and married in 1922 with one son born of the marriage. He died in Florida during 1982 and is part of tree WIS0140.

France & Flanders

Arriving in France from Folkestone is 50739 Pte. Matthew Wishart of the Royal Scots. After disembarking Matthew makes his way to the Scots Base Depot where he remains until the 27th when he is posted to the 17th Battalion. During February 1918 Matthew will be wounded in action but survived the war and worked as a hairdresser in Penicuik. He married in 1935 and a son was born of the marriage two years later. Matthew lived until 1949 and is part of tree WIS0035.