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30141 Pte. Thomas Wishart enlists in Valcartier, Quebec and is posted to the Army Service Corps. Thomas was originally from Kildary, Ross-shire, Scotland.


The 1st Battalion, South Wales Borderers continue to be pinned down in their trenches by enfilade fire from the German guns. Casualties are sustained on a sporadic basis and the battalion (which included 8394 Pte. John Waddie Wishart) were eventually allowed to withdraw on to the Vendresse Ridge to the left of the Gloucestershire Regiment, where they receive reinforcements of two officers and 190 men. To the south-east of John’s position at Verneuil, 56591 Gnr. George Greig Wishart, 56th Battery, RFA remains in action at the same position he has occupied for several days. Meanwhile Gnr. Joseph Wishart, 6th DAC leaves Hartennes with the column at 8:15 a.m. and marches about 12 miles to Jouaignes, where he went into billets. Rain fell heavily throughout the march and the roads were busy. At around 8 p.m. the column are given orders to be ready at the shortest notice, and once the horses and wagons are prepared in readiness to move, the men return to billets and await further instructions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]