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In Enoggera, Queensland a 32 year old fire loss adjuster named William Robertson Wishart enlists in the army and joins the 2nd Light Horse Field Ambulance.


Pte. Henry Gray Wishart starts his day trying to shake off the hard frost that has covered the trenches near Festubert during the night. For warmth Henry carries a greatcoat, a waterproof sheet and probably wears a British warm coat. Blankets have yet to reach the men on the front line. Sniping continues throughout the day and the enemy are recorded in the battalion war diary as being within 150 yards of the Highlanders position in places. With another cold night in store coke is issued in the trenches.

At Blendecques the Liverpool Scottish leave by road for Bailleul via Hazebrouck where the Wishart brothers (William Andrew and Robert) billet for the night with their unit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]