France & Flanders

Killed in action whilst making an attack on Beck House near Frezenberg the day before is 24767 Pte. Robert Wishart, 6/7th Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers. Born in Brechin, Robert was living on the Isle of Arran when war broke out and employed as a baker’s van man. He enlisted under the Derby Scheme and would eventually find himself sent to the Front in the autumn of 1916. He survived the first day of Passchendaele and was killed when his unit was sent to plug a hole in the line and hold it as best they could. Robert’s final hours must have been miserable, perhaps huddled together with his comrades in an improvised trench or sheltering in the squalor of a boggy shell hole. He was buried in Tyne Cot Cemetery (Grave LIV. G. 2.) and also commemorated on the Whiting Bay war memorial. He is part of tree WIS0072 and was married, but had no issue.