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United Kingdom

14173 Pte. George Edmund Wishart enlists in Portsmouth. A sailmaker by profession, George is posted to the Hampshire Regiment for training.


Pte. John Waddie Wishart remains in Hondeghem with the South Wales Borderers. Orders are received in the evening that the battalion will be moving off the following morning. Gnr. Joseph Wishart, 6th DAC remains in Croix-du-Bac and spends his time sorting new ammunition that has been received during the day. Pte. Henry Gray Wishart passes through Limoges, Saint-Sulpice-Laurière and Argenton before arriving at Orleans at 11:30 p.m. where the 1st Seaforths get off the train and march through a damp night to camp.


Since the previous day the 2nd Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers have been constantly under enemy fire. Major Forbes wrote that it was difficult to distinguish between day and night, and that the enemy were persistent in their attacks, with a six-foot ditch situated in front of the battalion’s line quickly becoming filled with dead Germans. During the afternoon Pte. Thomas Wishart withdraws with the battalion to an entrenched position north of Poezelhoek.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]