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12056 L/Cpl Robert Alexander Wishart and men of the 1st Highland Light Infantry arrive at billets west of Richebourg St. Vaast at 2am where they remain in the brigade reserve, resting and re-organising. Also leaving the trenches and returning to billets is 9650 Pte. Alexander Wishart of the 1st Scots Guards in the Rue de L’Epinette sector.

The battalion diary of the 1st Seaforth Highlanders records a bitter cold wind and snow during the morning at Vieille Chapelle. The ground, which had been drying out, is now soft again and gum boots are issued to the men. 677 Pte. Henry Gray Wishart and his comrades practice attacking and night bombing.

There is also a heavy fall of snow at Vierhouck. ‘B’ Squadron of the Royal Scots Greys (which may include 6391 Pte. John Wishart) engage in a tactical exercise.

Privates 27972 George Rodger Wishart and 27414 James Wishart of the 15th Battalion, CEF are also engaged in training and carry out a route march during the morning’s snow storm.


9214 Sgt. William Graham Wishart and the 1st Royal Scots leave Rosehill Huts and proceed to the St. Eloi sector where they take over the trenches from the 82nd Brigade. Meanwhile in Dickebusch, the 9th Royal Scots (including 85 Sgt. Gordon Wishart) are employed in digging and parapets on a new trench near to William in St. Eloi.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]