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France & Flanders

Killed in action at Arras is 8090 Pte. David Hay Wishart of the 4th Regiment (South African Scottish), South African Infantry S.A.O.E.F. David, who was originally from Leslie, Fife (tree WIS0096) had been on the Western Front since July 1916 and on the day he died, had been attacking with his unit towards a railway station situated between Fampoux and Rouex. The ground over which the battalion advanced was open and exposed to German artillery and machine gun fire. The enemy held the high ground and were also concealed in surrounding woodland, giving the South Africans little by way of chance of achieving their objective without incurring severe casualties. The action was doomed to fail and the regiment lost over two hundred men that afternoon. David’s body was never identified, and he is commemorated on a special memorial at the Brown’s Copse Cemetery in Rouex.