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United Kingdom

Janet Dowie Wishart is born at 11 p.m. at Cahill Lodge in Newburn, Fife. She is the daughter of a butcher from Methil named David Wishart, and Mary Simpson.


The hot weather continues. 8394 Pte. John Waddie Wishart of the 1st Battalion, South Wales Borderers leaves Mareuil at 6 a.m. and heads south. The battalion pass through Villiers-Cotterets where they see the 2nd Division and Sir John French with Sir Douglas Haig. As the day wears on they come under artillery fire again, especially in the rearguard and are in Fulames by the day’s end. 56591 Gnr. George Greig Wishart of the 56th Battery, Royal Field Artillery finds himself in Bargny, south of Crépy-en-Valois.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]