France & Flanders

1 October 1918

Found dead by an Army Chaplain in the sunken road at Joncourt with 30 or 40 other men is the body of S/23260 A/Cpl. William Davidson Wishart of the 10th Bn. Princess Louise’s (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.) Two day before, William’s unit crossed the St. Quentin Canal and assembled in an area northeast of Magny-Le-Fosse. With failing light, and after some consultation, it was decided that three companies of the battalion should move on the Fonsomme system – a series of strongly held trenches and concrete fortifications, and the last organised system to be attacked by the British before open country was reached. William, who was in ‘A’ Company, took part in the assault which began during the night of the 29th/30th. Despite heavy rain and facing withering machine-gun fire, enough ground was taken to successfully establish a salient along a sunken road on the southern confines of Joncourt; however, this came at a cost. Over sixty officers and men were killed in action, including William’s entire platoon. The chaplain believed the position was overrun by the enemy during the night, and the bodies of the dead Argylls were robbed of anything of value, including watches and cigarette cases and official documents.

William’s remains were buried in Joncourt British Cemetery, Aisne (Grave A2) on 5 October. He is part of tree WIS0043.